Unicorn Tears

STRAWBERRY - CREAM - CUSTARD - BISCUIT     - It’s thick, it’s creamy. It smells amazing when you open the bottle. Like a supercharged strawberry milkshake blended with custard and digestive biscuits. 

                                                                                                  70% VG
                                                                                                  50ml in a 100ml bottle
                                                                                                  100ml in a 120ml bottle

                                                                                                  50ml   - add 1 nic shot to make 3mg
                                                                                                             - add 2 nic shots to make 5.1mg
                                                                                                  100ml - add 2 nic shots to make 3mg

                                                                                                  See our handy Nic Shot Calculator for other strength options

                                                                                                  Nic shots can be purchased HERE