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Sweet Vapes Shortfills are larger bottles of e-liquid which contain no nicotine.

Our shortfills come with extra room in the bottle (hence the name shortfill) to add the nicotine yourself.

Nic shots are sold separately and added to the shortfills to create strengths from 3-6mg.

Sweet Vapes shortfills can be used for both DTL and MTL vaping.

Click here for our handy Nic Shot Calculator

Sweet Vapes Nic Salts come in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength in a 50/50 vg/pg ratio.

Nic Salts are more suitable for MTL vaping for use in Pod type devices.

There are two different types of Nic shots; "freebase" and "salt".

"Smooth Salt" shots are what we would always recommend first. They are less harsh on the throat and create a much smoother vaping experience.

"Freebase" shots still have their place. They create a stronger "throat hit", more similar to smoking a ciggy. Some people prefer the harsh feeling on the throat.

Our 50ml and 100ml Shortfills are sold without nicotine. This is due to strict UK regulations on nicotine products known as the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive).

The TPD restricts the volume of e-liquid containing nicotine to 10ml. To comply with the regulations, e-liquid that is larger than 10ml in volume is sold without nicotine.

"Nicotine shots", which do comply with the TPD regulations, are sold alongside the nicotine free e-liquid so that the user can add the two together, making larger bottles of e-liquid containing nicotine.

A "pod kit" is a vape kit that's made up of two parts; a pod, and a battery. Pod kits are small, lightweight and simple to use.

Often pod kits are used with a higher nicotine strength (10-20mg) due to their lower power compared to bigger devices.

Sweet Vapes Nic Salts are perfect for pod kits, although you can still use our main 70/30 range if you're after a lower strength nicotine.

Want big clouds and intense flavours?

More powerful than a conventional Vape pen or pod kit, vape mods are more versatile devices.

"Mods" are essentially just the battery and brains of a vape. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can have removable or built in batteries.

"Tanks" use replaceable coils to vaporise your e-liquid. When the coil burns out, you replace the coil with a new one.

Mods and tanks are interchangeable with each other, giving you complete control over your setup.

Sweet Vapes 70/30 range, using 3-6mg nicotine, are perfect for Vape mods

There are two main ways to vape; Direct to lung (DTL) and Mouth to lung (MTL).

DTL and MTL are simply just different techniques of inhaling the vapour on your device.

Which one you choose is all down to personal preference. Many people even use both!

Here is a breakdown of the 2

Direct to Lung (DTL)

For big clouds and intense flavours

Also referred to as "Sub-Ohm", the DTL (direct to lung) technique is inhaled straight into the lungs in a similar way to a shisha or bong, rather than taking the vapour into the mouth and then breathing it in like a cigarette (MTL).

DTL vaping creates much more vapour than MTL vaping.

A lower nicotine strength (3mg-6mg) is recommended as you take in a lot more vapour and nicotine than MTL.

Sweet Vapes 70/30 range, using 3mg-6mg, is perfect for DTL vaping.

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

Smaller devices, less clouds

Mouth to lung vaping (MTL) is more like smoking a cigarette. When you draw, you pull the vapour into your mouth first, then inhale it into the lungs, just as you would a cigarette.

Generally a higher nicotine strength is used compared to DTL (especially when first giving up smoking), although any strength nicotine can be used.

Both our Nic Salt range and main 70/30 range are ideal for MTL vaping, depending on your desired strength.

You may have heard the terms 70/30 or 50/50 when talking about e-liquid.

This refers to the ratio of the two main ingredients in e-liquid; Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and propylene Glycol (PG)

VG is viscous, with a touch of sweetness and it generates clouds.

PG is less viscous, carries flavour, and creates a throat hit.

So 70/30 means 70% VG and 30% PG. All Sweet Vapes shortfills are 70/30, which is perfect for most devices.

Similarly, 50/50 is equal amounts VG and PG, making for a thinner liquid. All Sweet Vapes Nic Salts are 50/50, making them ideal for pod vapes.


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