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Earn Loyalty points on all purchases. All you have to do is have a store account. Points will be added to your account automatically when you make an order. When you have enough points, you can use them to buy juice vouchers for free e-liquid! 


How it works

Click the floating button in the bottom left corner to access.
It looks like this:

Ways to Earn

  • Make a purchase: 10 points for every £1 spent
  • Leave a "Photo Review" on any product: 100 points

Low effort photo reviews will now be filtered out. This means using more than 1 word and a screenshot from the website. As a guideline, use 20 words or more and an original high quality photo. You cannot review a product twice. 


How to spend your points

You can buy Juice Vouchers with your points from within the Loyalty App. This is given to you as a unique discount code that you enter at checkout. Please note that juice vouchers do not stack with any other discount code. Shipping rates apply.

£10 Juice Voucher: 1000 points
£20 Juice Voucher: 1900 points
£30 Juice Voucher: 2600 points
£50 Juice Voucher: 4000 points