Lemon Goo

LEMON - CREAM - BISCUIT    -  Tastes like one of those lemon cheesecake puddings you get in the little glass tubs. It’s not lemon tart, this one has a distinctive biscuity base instead, from which the creamy lemon curd comes out.

                                                                    70% VG
                                                                    50ml in a 100ml bottle
                                                                    100ml in a 120ml bottle

                                                                    50ml   - add 1 nic shot to make 3mg
                                                                               - add 2 nic shots to make 5.1mg
                                                                    100ml - add 2 nic shots to make 3mg

                                                                    See our handy Nic Shot Calculator for other strength options

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