Ice Drops E-liquid Additive

Add Ice Drops to any e-liquid to make it chilled and add a nice refreshing coolness to your juice. 10ml bottle.

WARNING! This e-liquid additive is concentrated and VERY STRONG. Avoid contact with skin and especially your eyes etc. Wash your hands after handling. DO NOT VAPE IT NEAT OR DUMP THE WHOLE BOTTLE IN YOUR JUICE OR YOU WILL HAVE A BAD TIME.

This product contains WS-23 (koolada) at 30% concentration in PG. Suggested to use at 5 drops per 10ml of liquid depending on preference. As a guide, our "chilled" range uses this amount (1%, or 1ml per 100ml of juice)

You can also add it straight to your tank. We recommend 2-3 drops (assuming approx 5ml tank) then make sure you slosh it all around to mix it in with the liquid. 


Tank (5ml) 1 drop 2-3 drops 5 drops
60ml (50ml+nic shot) 12 drops 24 drops 48 drops
100ml 20 drops (0.5ml) 40 drops (1ml) 80 drops (2ml)

This table is just a guide, by all means experiment to find your preference, just remember, you can always add but you can't take it away!


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