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Active Discount Codes

Are you looking for a discount? Well what makes you think we want to give you one? You probably saw the discount code box and it got you thinking. "Hmmm, but this juice is already such great value? If there were any discount codes out there to make it even cheaper then I don't think I could believe it!" is probably what went through your mind, and you'd be right to think so! You are of course correct, there is a discount code box and you can type things into it. But what to put?. You can use it to enter a discount code you may have been given. For example, when you use your loyalty points to buy juice vouchers you will need to put a code in the box to work it. Or we might have a special offer on that requires a code. So the box isn't necessarily there because there's some magic code that will give you free monies every time, but actually there is something you can do. If you type sv20 into the box, it will take 20% off any e-liquid. If you don't ask you don't get, eh? Enjoy! 😁