Sweet Treats Bundle 7 x 50ml

All 7 flavours from our "Sweet Treats" section
Select "Add Nic Shots" to get 1 x 18mg nic shot for each bottle (7 in total) to make 3mg or click here for extra nic shots

Buttermint - Just like the old fashioned sweets. Creamy toffee and a touch of peppermint
Drumstick - Raspberry Milk Chew Lolly. Re-live your childhood!
Grape Bubblegum- Sweet, grape flavoured bubblegum
Honeydew Ice CreamRefreshing honeydew melon blended with vanilla ice cream. A waffle cone finishes it off for a delicious biscuity after note
Lemon Sherbert - Sweet and Sour Lemon Sherbert
Pink Lemonade - Sweet and Zesty Pink Lemonade
Twister - Pineapple, lime, strawberry and vanilla ice cream

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