Fish & Chips

FISH - CHIPS - MUSHY PEAS      - After decades of research and development, our team of scientists and flavour experts have made a breakthrough in the field of e-liquid flavourings. Using the pioneering technique known as Chemical Reproduction of Aromatic Proteins (C.R.A.P.) we are able to bring you an icon of British cuisine for your vaping pleasure.

That's right, it's Fish & Chips! A slimy, smelly slab of 4 week old cod dipped in stale batter mix and deep fried. Pungent fish hit's you in the face followed by a backdrop of sweaty chips. Mashed up peas, resembling something a penguin feeds to their chicks after 4 weeks at sea, provides vegetable-y overtones on the exhale. 

Experience the taste of Britain, Fish and Chips, available later today (1st April)

70% VG
50ml in a 100ml bottle
100ml in a 120ml bottle

50ml   - add 1 nic shot to make 3mg
           - add 2 nic shots to make 5.1mg
100ml - add 2 nic shots to make 3mg

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