Cake/Cereal/Biscuit Bundle 5 x 50ml

All 5 flavours from our "cake/cereal/biscuit" section
Select "Add Nic Shots" to get 1 x 18mg nic shot for each bottle (5 in total) to make 3mg or click here for extra nic shots

Birthday Cake - Cakey and sweet, the buttercream really comes through
Blueberry Donut - Blueberry and donut are the main flavours. Sugar glaze gives sweetness
French Toast - Blueberries on french toast, with syrup and cream. An amazing all day vape and deliciously more-ish.
Frosted Flakes - A bowl of Frosted Flakes with milk. Sweet, creamy and nutty
Kings Reserve - Banana and honey give way to a back drop of biscuit and nutty granola. Fit for a King

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